Dry Ice Blasting Best In Industrial Cleaning Methods

Maintenance of equipments used in various industrial firms is directly related to the overall production efficiency. Better the maintenance, higher the production. Proper maintenance also reduces the number of accidents that occur due to poor maintenance of equipments. Earlier, traditional cleaning methods such as sand blasting, solvents and high pressure water blasting were used to keep the equipments clean and in proper shape.

But with the changing time, the traditional methods have become a thing of the past. Now, the modern companies are looking for new ways to keep their equipment clean. Of all the methods, it is the revolutionary dry ice blasting method that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. what is dry ice blasting? Dry ice blasting, also known as CO2 blasting is a non-invasive form of cleaning technology.

This method is safe and effective enough to clean almost anything, starting from a wooden base to any historical sights. Here, compressed air is used to blast frozen CO2 pellets which ultimately cleans the surface without leaving any sort of residue. In this dry ice blasting process, dry ice or CO2 pellets, which are of very small size are shot out of a nozzle at breakneck speed on the surface that needs to be cleaned.

Due to the high speed of the pellets, the moment they come in contact to the surface, they turn soft, sublimate and turn into gaseous form without passing through the liquid stage. People are finding dry ice blasting as a more powerful cleaning method because it does not have the following drawbacks of traditional cleaning systems. . the issue of disassembly and again reassembly of equipments . lengthy procedure due to intensive hand scrubbing .

more man power is required to complete the task of cleaning . the result is not up to the standard as total cleaning is not possible . Not being environmental friendly .

Not being safe for electric equipments Instead dry ice blasting has following benefits . It is environment friendly as it is a non-abrasive, nonflammable and nonconductive cleaning method. . In dry ice blasting, the equipments can be cleaned without moving them from their designated places. .

There are no secondary contaminants like solvents or grit media in dry ice blasting. . The active electrical or mechanical parts of the equipments remain safe during the cleaning process. .

Dry ice blasting can be used effectively to remove production residues, contaminants, paints, release agents and oil. . It is even less expensive. Looking at all these benefits of dry ice blasting process, it becomes clear why companies are showing their faith in dry ice blasting process. Most of the companies want to minimize their industrial waste and there can no other better solution then dry ice blasting for reducing environmental waste, production downtime and plant maintenance concerns.

Andrew Getz is a chemical engineer and an enthusiast on environmental and industrial services. He writes extensively on newer technologies and eco-friendly methods of cleaning such as Dry ice blasting and Industrial cleaning services.

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