How to Create a Tidal Wave of Customer Interest

If you have been in business for any length of time, you know how difficult it is to convert prospects into paying customers. This is a challenge for the average mom and pop store and the fortune 500 business a like. It doesn't matter what level or type of business you have I'll bet your interested in learning how to motivate more people to purchase your products or services. A couple of weeks ago my wife insisted that we go to the furniture store.

I did not understand her sense or urgency. Although we had talked about getting a new couch the one we had was in decent shape. She explained to me that this was the last day of the big 50% off sale. So off we went to the furniture store.

Why did this occur? This business has mastered a time tested technique for customer acquisition. They not only announce a salesomething that has value. They actually go a step further as they include a deadline where the offer ends. This tactic creates a sense of urgency in the prospect motivating them to purchase more product. If America's most profitable businesses rely on this technique than it must be good enough for us. There is no need to be innovative here.

Simply follow the blue print and learn from the experience of countless other businesses that have tried this technique. Look at the next group of coupons sent by your local grocery store. I bet the coupon has an expiration date. Why? Because if you know you could potentially lose out on a good deal you will be motivated to action. Remember buying is an emotional process.

If you want to sell more of your product or service you have to evoke some emotion in your prospective buyers. With a limited time offer your prospect knows that he could potentially lose out on a great offer. No one likes to lose. If you are not currently using this technique in some form in your business you are missing out. Give it a try. Send a special offer to your customer list with a 30% discount on one of your products if your prospects purchase in the next 3 days.

Each day send a remember about the fast approaching deadline alerting your customers that they need to take action. You will sell more product with this promotion than utilizing your normal method. I know some of you are skeptical. That's ok.

You may believe that by lowering your price you will have less profit. This is a valid concern. However, if you truly have a good product or service you have gained trust and credibility in the eyes of your customer. You customers will likely spend more on your product and services in the coming months and years. You are on your way to creating customers for life.

Mark Hall uses effective sales techniques and internet marketing to boost his business. For more tips on boosting your business take a look at his vemmabuilder or vemma lens.

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