How To Generate Hundreds Of MLM Leads Without Going Bankrupt

Funded proposals and generic training systems are hot right now. If you want to make big money in network marketing, understanding how they work and how to use them are essential tools for your success. Why should you use generic training and funded proposals? They solve two major problems that have plagued network marketers for years: how to generate quality qualified prospects without going broke and how to maintain relationships with your prospects.

This article will review two popular programs: Magnetic Sponsoring and Mentoring For Free. Magnetic Sponsoring is a funded proposal program to generate MLM leads. The big reason that many people fail in MLM is they never make enough in sales to cover their advertising. The funded proposal is a system where the distributor sells an inexpensive front end product to generate enough in sales to keep the advertising going and build a downline.

Magnetic Sponsoring consists of a free Bootcamp email course and an upsell for the full system, which consists of a manual, several other bonus training materials (just the bonuses are worth a lot) and a website to promote Magnetic Sponsoring. If your lead buys the book, then you get a commission which can then offset your advertising expenses. If they just get the email course, you will not get a commission, but you will have still obtained a prospect for your business. The cost for Magnetic Sponsoring is a one time fee of $37. Michael Dlouhy's Mentoring for Free system is another popular program.

It's quite different from Magnetic Sponsoring. Magnetic Sponsoring focuses on internet marketing aspects like list building, squeeze pages and AdWords while Mentoring For Free focuses on conference calls several times a week and downloadable ebooks. Mentoring for Free also has a lot of emphasis on the mental aspects of MLM with calls on subjects such as the 30 Day Mental Cleanse and the Coaches Corner.

Mentioring For Free will also help you understand the "dark side" of MLM and avoid scams and tricks that unethical MLM companies and uplines will try to pull on you. Michael is upfront and often does not hold anything back. You should listen to a few calls before inviting your prospects on his call as he is so upfront that you might find out that he is TOO honest. While there is no charge to use the calls or invite your team on the calls, you will have much better results if you use the Pro Version on Mentoring For Free which runs $20 a month.

As you can see, you can't go wrong with either program. They are both much better than the alternative: cold calling. Keep loading leads into your pipeline and you will achieve success.

Carlos Scarpero is the MLM expert for and host of the Network Marketing Minute podcast. He can be reached at

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