Simple Network Marketing Advice You Can Use To Help Your Business

I have read and studied network marketing for some time. It is an interesting industry that is often misunderstood. Here is some simple network marketing advice that may be helpful to you. Building a network marketing business into one that makes money involves selling products and recruiting distributors to sell products. You can be your own best customer and should always buy products from yourself first whenever you can.

Unless you are selling a big ticket item it is going to be difficult to sell enough product to make a good living at it. So the best way to do that is to recruit your own sales force and make money on their sales as well. This is called duplication and leverage. MLM companies have compensation plans that pay you on several levels of sales. With the help of the internet you can have a worldwide business you are making money on in a very short time. For most new distributors getting started is an exciting and confusing time.

The single most important thing you can do for them at first is make sure they have their own reasons "WHY" they haved decided to join you. For some it could be to stay at home with their kids. For others it might be to make an extra $200 a month. Even others might say their reason why they want to start their own network marketing business is to be able to quit their full time job some day. It doesn't matter to you what the why is. The only important thing is that you help them quickly identify it and to write it down and read it several times a day.

Network marketing has a very low retention rate because once the excitement of getting started wears off your new distributor is going to have to start working. That is going to mean facing rejection and for some people that will quickly mean quitting. You can not totally eliminate this, but if you can keep people focused on why they started their own mlm business in the first place you may be able to help more of them hang in there long enough to start making money. We all need skills at whatever we do and network marketing is no different. To acquire the skills a new distributor needs takes time. Having their "why" in front of them at all times is doing them a favor by helping them stick with it long enough to get those skills.

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