Types Of Franchising

Investing in a franchise is proven to be an effective business venture. If well-studied and carefully laid out, franchising should carry a success rate of about ninety percent to the investor or franchisee. Because businesses for franchise already come with guidelines, set products or ideas the market may already know, it can be easily managed and return of investment may be immediate.

However, this is not meant for anyone who wishes to dip their hands on. A person interested in franchising must learn of many things about franchising and must acquire a deeper knowledge of the business. Before considering buying one, it is best to know what you could be risking your money for, beginning with learning about its types. With many types of franchise available, the difference actually lies in the concept.

Retail This mainly involves 'walk-in' customers where a product or service is offered. Examples of this include the food industry or the fashion industry. With a retail franchise, the need for a good location is important (usually in the mall). Business is only operational during retail hours, about 9 AM to 7 PM. Store employees are employed to provide service to the public and the franchisee generally has to manage and work the same hours as when business is open.

Management With this type, a group of skilled employees are also hired to serve the public or deliver what is offered. The site however may be in an office, and not necessarily located in a mall. The product or service rendered involves operation and businesses that have to be managed from region to region or in several depots. Examples of this are parcel delivery or rent-a-car service. Single Operator The concept for this franchise may mean that initially, only the franchisee is the lone person working to market the business but he can eventually hire a few staffers if the business is progressing.

It mostly involves trade or delivery and can be managed as a small home-based business. The business hours may also be flexible. Examples of this are security or investigative service and the cleaning service. Executive Executive franchise may also be referred to as consultancy and it usually involves a financial service.

Accountancy and cost managements are best examples of this type. Master Franchise This type of franchise may grow to serve identical purposes as its franchisor. The franchisee can cover a wider scope, regional or international and only experienced business-minded people may be granted this. Remember that when you buy a franchise, you are essentially buying a concept that someone else has thought of. Not all franchises may necessarily fit your preference so learn to discern what type you can best work with. This way, you achieve success in your business venture.

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